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I am a yogi and multidisciplinary artist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I am passionate about ancestry, connection to self, and well being. I believe life is about remembering and refining what it means to be a whole human, every day.


To me, wholeness means being at peace with our true nature. YES, it's possible to live in wholeness. But...we must remember who we are! Look back to our roots.


Ancestry is the key. ​


The good news is that I can teach you where to start, and we take it from there. Making space is the beginning to unfold a bigger journey.


​I want to introduce you to The Aluna Method. Aluna means “STUDENT” in Portuguese and Luna means “MOON” - with the Aluna Method, I will teach you how to be a student of the moon, connect to your ancestral cosmic power and live to your full potential on a daily basis. Luna is also my birth name, in case you were wondering.

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