October 1st - October 23rd, 2020

Live Weekly Classes

The global pandemic, together with the upheaval caused by the death of hundreds of innocent black people all over the world, has served us as a powerful pattern interrupt. 

This interruption ​may snap us out of the societal toxic pattern behaviour that holds a dominant colonized culture together. And it may course correct us to cultural evolution.

What do I mean by cultural evolution?


Through these episodes, there is potential to adapt and transform. Change at the level of values​, beliefs​, and assumptions. A new way to perceive our presence in this world, hence an opportunity to be open for deeper insights. 

In this journey together we will be exploring frameworks for stepping into the near future based on Lunar Ancestral Yoruba wisdom - growing in a connected world and navigating it’s complexity utilizing a cyclical approach.  We are part of an ecosystem that is birthing something new, away from oppression and extraction and more firmly on the side of nature, which is life itself.

Program Overview

Decolonizing our creative perspective. Wholeness mindset through Lunar Yoruba Ancestral knowledge.

4 week program - 2 weekly classes

Class duration 1.5h

One Class per week with Luna + 1 guest teacher


Juliana Luna is a yogi and multidisciplinary artist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She's passionate about ancestry, connection to self, and well being. Her belief is that life is about remembering and refining what it means to be a whole human, everyday. 

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