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8 Classes | Starts 10/01


The Aluna Method - An African centered framework for self awareness

The global pandemic, together with the upheaval caused by the death of hundreds of innocent black people all over the world, has served us as a powerful pattern interrupt. 

Let’s course correct, shall we?

Yemisi Juliana Luna is a yogi and multidisciplinary artist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She's passionate about ancestry, connection to self, and well being. Her belief is that life is about remembering and refining what it means to be a whole human, everyday. 

Here, right now, we have a chance for cultural evolution.

Cultural evolution? Yes!

Disruption highlights potential to adapt, reroute and transform.

We need deeper insights.  Change at the level of values​, beliefs​, and assumptions. A new way to perceive our presence in this world. 

Join us if you'd like to explore liberation frameworks for stepping into the near present/future based on Lunar Ancestral Yoruba wisdom. 

Guest Speakers


ONYI Love is an artist and healer (Pure Bioenergy Therapist, Sound Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Ritualist & Ceremonialist) dedicated to guiding you through your journey of awareness, self-love, and healing. She is a practitioner of Ifa, a traditional cultural, philosophical, and spiritual system developed by the Yoruba people of West Africa; and she is also an initiate into Oṣun and Obatala, deities within this tradition. Utilizing powerful tools and wisdom gained from her life lessons and observations, ONYI assists you in remembering that you have the power to transform and be in command of your existence.


Artist and writer who in her own words says: “The best art moves and stirs the soul... sparks a conversation between the eyes, the heart and the subconscious... shifts the atmosphere on the inside of a person, ignites a reminder that life is to be celebrated, that our destinies are pages of a script of the eternities which house the mind, spirit continuum”.


Imani Harmon (she/her) is an astrologer and tarot reader based on occupied Manahoac Land (Northern Virginia). Imani‘s astrological approach utilizes a liberatory framework. Her work is inspired by Emergent Strategy, decolonized religious and spiritual frameworks, ancestral technology used to survive apocalypse, and pop culture. Imani hosts "A Movement Worker's Guide to Astrology," a weekly astrological forecast podcast geared toward those engaged in personal and collective liberation work. She is a budding yogi and folk herbalist, as well as a lover of Moon medicine.

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4 Week Schedule

Week 1


Decolonizing Perspective: Lunar school of decolonization

Week 3


Creative energy and it’s subtle tides: creativity as a tool for liberation

Week 4


Rituals for self awareness - sacred relationship with self

Week 2


Lunar Mindset: a framework of cycles and acceptance


In this journey you will:

  •  Learn how to navigate a world full of complexity utilizing a cyclical approach.  

  • Accept we are part of an ecosystem that is birthing something new. 

  •  Create a relationship with the moon and it’s cycles.

  • Direct your intention towards self love and realization

  •  Understand ways of decolonizing your experience, daily.

  •  Learn about Orisha mythology to build a 

wholeness mindset through Lunar Yoruba Ancestral knowledge.

Class Format:


- 4 week program ONLINE - Zoom LIVE Classes

- Class duration 1h to 1.5h 

- Weekly classes with Luna

- 3 Guest teacher classes

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