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Juliana Luna photoshoot in Maui by Thais Aquino


Learn how to make your own Lunar Map.
A 4 weeks course with Juliana Luna starting Dec 3rd. 

Photo: Thais Aquino


Photo: Thais Aquino


The Aluna Method is a roadmap for Lunar living. It's a tool that helps us feel at ease with our own presence. 

This LUNAR MAPPING TECHNOLOGY uses AfroBrazilian Mythology and Philosophy to provide a framework for self development. A new way of looking at the world, with our own timing as the center. 

The map has guided humans for thousands of years to live in sync with what we call our “inner cycles'' our INNER TIDES. It offers an opportunity to gain awareness of our conditioned patterns and break them. Creating space for transformation and liberation daily.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Who is it for?

If you are feeling tired and unsure of your purpose in this world. If it is hard for you to subscribe to the status quo and you feel as if time is a strange thing that slips off your fingers lately, making you feel anxious and lost. 

If you feel shame and guilt for not "doing enough" even tho you experience constant burn out. If you feel like all this confusion causes you to shut down and succumb to feeling as if your presence is not of any value and your gifts aren't recognized at all...if you keep wondering why?

I GET IT. I have struggled with those feelings and thoughts my whole life.

This is why I was given this method, because I decided to listen to this little voice deep down that kept telling me: YOU MUST COME HOME and remember who you are. Be ready for the unfolding of a highly transformational journey.

Light and Shadow



Afternoon Light

Create your own Lunar Map

Your monthly Lunar cycle is a roadmap that provides rich and powerful insight into the health and nourishment of your physical and emotional body.

Learning how to live in alignment with each phase of your lunar cycle is a necessity that is everyone’s birthright.

Using this map helps you learn how to work in alignment with the ancestral wisdom of your body. This map empowers you to live in your purpose, which in turn nourishes you spiritually.

In this course you will: 

  • Learn how to create and understand your own Lunar Map, based on your emotional data.

  • Learn about the Moon’s wisdom through AfroBrazilian Yoruba Mythology

  • Connect to Feminine and Masculine Archetypes.

  • Learn how to map your inner cycles according to the Moon.

  • Align your weeks with your very unique creative energy flow.

  • Learn a complete system that you can do every month, to help you track your emotional/ sexual responses.

  • Investigate deeper into your journey of self knowledge and development.

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art by Meikel Reece


  • Discounted rates for 1:1 sessions

  • A Curated playlist with the best Brazilian jams to inspire you during your journey

  • A private community of fierce individuals who support one another, our dear Lunatics.

  • 1 Month Free attendance to Black Moon Club, a community of Lunatics designing a life filled with purpose.

  • Deeper understanding of Lunar wisdom 

  • A comprehensive digital guide/ workbook for your continued healing



  • 4 weeks 

  • 6 classes (recorded if you’re unable to attend live)

  • 1h 15min Class


Early Bird: $189 * (available til Nov 24th WITH CODE: EARLYBIRDLIVE)

 Full Price: $234 *

* Scholarship available upon request.


Light and Shadow



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