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This is a Lunar map. You can use it as a mindfulness exercise. This map is a tool to help you navigate the current lunar cycle.


To use it, look up! What’s happening in the sky? find out where the moon is at (you can also google it, or use an app). That’s it. Start noticing what you feel on that specific day, how much you laughed, if you felt hyperactive or even inspired to do something specific. Write keywords on each space and remember to offer gratitude for whatever is informing your emotional body at that very moment. 


Here is what each phase represents:

New Moon: Stillness and Inner reflection.

Waxing Crescent: Expansion and Vision

Full Moon: Nurture and Accept

Waning Crescent: Let go and Surrender

Connect to them as you wish. Create your own relationship with the Moon. She is full of wisdom!



The Bloom Book

by Heidi Smith


The invitations from the plant kingdom beckon us towards our most vibrant, balanced, and actualized selves. As you will find in The Bloom Book: A Flower Essence Guide to Cosmic Balance, flower essences are a type of vibrational and plant medicine distinctly attuned to expanding our consciousness and connectivity. For anyone committed to creating positive change in the world, this is a resource to support multigenerational, intersectional, and planetary healing. Inside you will find more on the roles the divine feminine, healing justice, ritual, and the flowers play in our awakening. Whether you’re new to flower essences or deepening your existing knowledge—let The Bloom Book be your gui.

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YeYe SweetWaters and the Mean Mermaids by Ananda Free


There is a disharmony of sadness, self-doubt, and unworthiness brewing in the underwater mystical currents of “The City of Sweetness.” Join a magical journey with YeYe SweetWaters and Puff Puff, her fairy sidekick, as they restore joy by exploring what it means to be a friend, living the power of self-love and compassion.


In this video I offer a perspective about the archetypes expressed on the full moon as a way to connect to our inner waters. I have been observing lately, a lot of the meditations connected to moon energy are focusing on a very transactional relationship to lunar presence. I personally do not resonate with that kind of approach. That is why I decided to post this video. I would like to challenge us to move beyond the colonized experience of creating transactional relationships, into one of wholeness, genuine care and presence of self.


Here I encourage people to develop a relationship with their own bodies, in order to honor the energies that are reflected in us through Lunar ancestral guidance.