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One on one session -  Full Journey


If you are interested in deepening your lunar knowledge through a Lunar Map that helps you regain your emotional sovereignty, this is the perfect option for you. I call this 1:1 opportunity: LUNAR COACHING. 

This offering is a package with 6 lessons (done in 4 or 6 weeks ) where I walk you through my Moon system. It is a complete journey through ALUNA as a daily practice. 


Each session will go deeper into what those archetypes mean in your specific cycle and we will also be listening to what your ancestors are bringing forth through an Oracle reading for your inner lunar phase and combine the data gathered from your Lunar Map to design a unique pathway for your healing.


Session 1

Symbology and Yoruba story of creation. The blueprint for integrating Light and Dark.

How do we become aware of our social conditioning and toxic patterns? What drives our consciousness today? Solar and Lunar powered perspectives for liberation and integration.

Session 2

Archetypes of the Moon: New Moon - Nanã

The Wise archetype. Moving in accordance to the Life/Death/ Rebirth cycle. The body as a seat of power.

Session 3

Archetypes of the Moon: Waning Crescent - Yewá

The Young archetype. Freedom as our birthright. Accessing vision from within. Clearing our inner eye to see what our ancestry wants to show us.

Session 4

Archetypes of the Moon: Full Moon - Osun and Yemanjá

The Mother archetype. Nurturing our sense of purpose through deep waters. Receiving guidance by embracing the whole picture.

Session 5

Archetypes of the Moon: Waxing Moon - Oyá

The Sorcerer archetype. Trauma informed surrender to calm the storm. How to use spiritual practices of surrender to attune to our ability to let go.

Session 6

Practical use of the Lunar Map

How to use the map on a daily basis, plus a digital template and step by step guide for using the tool as cycles progress. 




90 min sessions

Unlimited email access.




  • 4 - 20min calls for emergent questions

  • A workbook with in depth information 

  • A digital Lunar Map.

  • Resources like books, extra material to support a continued learning


One on one session - Full Journey

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